News  2017-03-02  Genagon Therapeutics receives “Innovative startups” from Vinnova, Swedens innovation agency.

Our solution

Genagon’s drug development is based on ground-breaking discoveries in inflammatory signaling active on tumor infiltrating leukocytes. Our therapeutics target these previously unstudied pathways of immune cell supression which are copied by tumors as they learn to evade the immune system.

Science, the opportunity of immuno-oncology

Immuno-oncology is revolutionizing cancer treatment with the potential of becoming a new standard of care and a 27 billion USD industry already by 20211.

However, harnessing the host immune system to treat tumors by blocking natural inhibitors of the adaptive immune system, T-cells, is only effective in some cancer types and more importantly only in 20-30% of the patients. Combination therapies modulating the immune systems at multiple synergistic points are expected to increase response rates.

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Research and development at Genagon

Genagon has developed a platform to identify novel pathways in immune cells and discovered a new mechanism which cancers use to inhibit the innate immune system: Macrophages, Dendritic cells, and NK-cells. These cells are essential to recruit, train, and activate cancer specific T-cells to attack and destroy their target. By blocking these inhibitory pathways Genagon will increase response rates in immuno-oncology.

Business model

Genagon is rapidly growing a strong and broad patent portfolio with multiple projects and opportunities for internal development or in partnerships.


Simon Fredriksson, Ph.D 

Founder and CEO – Experienced life science researcher, entrepreneur, and inventor. Co-founder and former CSO and CEO of Olink AB. Has grown ideas from invention, to start-up, to product launch, and profitability through global sales. With studies and research performed at Uppsala and Stanford Universities resulting in multiple high impact papers in Nature Biotech, PNAS, Nature Methods and more. 10 patents commercialized into products at Olink, Agilent, and ThermoFisher. Previously Board member of Olink AB (9 years), Biolamina AB (6 years). Presently Board member of SLU Holding AB and Olink Proteomics AB (adj.).

Andries Blokzijl, MD Ph.D

Founder and CSO – Licensed physician and researcher in signal transduction. Developed Genagon’s in-house immune cell signaling decoding process. Highly cited publications in journals such as Nature Methods, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, Genes&Dev, J Cell Biol.

Malin Winerdal, MD Ph.D

Senior scientist. Resident physician in clinical immunology and transfusion medicine Karolinska Hospital. PhD in Translational Immunology from Karolinska Institute specializing in T-regulatory cells.

Evelina Lindmark, PhD

Senior scientist – PhD in Translational Immunology from Karolinska Institute specializing in antigen presenting cells in autoimmunity. Previous industrial experience as QA/QC scientist and project manager at 3H Biomedical in Uppsala.

Love von Euler, MD

Scientist -Researcher. MD obtained at Karolinska Institute.MD program with research profile (LäFo) Former clinical physician at Södertälje hospital. Received Elsa Gojes memorial fund and Zethelius scholarship.

Anders Nordström, Chairman

Mr. Nordström has a long and versatile professional experience from executive positions in Life Science companies such as CFO, Executive Vice President and as a Board Member in global life science companies and Startup companies e.g. Halo Genomics. He has held executive positions in Phadia, Pharmacia as well as in ArthroCare International including international assignments in the US and Canada. He is currently working as Senior Advisor, Business Development at Uppsala Innovation Centre and has served as Chairman of the Board in several companies e.g. OssDsign, Vanadis Diagnostics, ExScale Biospecimen Solutions.  Mr. Nordström has a BSc in Business Administration and Economics from University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Ola Winqvist, MD Ph.D

Ola is a Professor of Cellular Immunotherapy, Head of Translational Immunology, and Senior Consultant in Clinical Immunology at the Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital. The Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Cancer Society have continuously supported Ola’s research since 1999, and he has received various competitive grants from the European Union and Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems for the development of immunological therapeutics. Ola has an M.D and Ph.D. from Uppsala University in Sweden, and did his postdoctoral research at the Scripps Research Institute in the United States.

Svein Mathisen

M.Sc. in engineering physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. More than 25 years of experience in various senior positions in the Norsk Hydro Group and as CEO of BioInvent International AB. Chairman of the Boards of iCell Science AB and Gabather AB. Board member of Athera Biotechnologies AB and Arild Capital AB.

Previous appointments (last five years): Board member and CEO of BioInvent International AB, Chairman of the Board of Biotec Pharmacon ASA and Board member of the industry organization Sweden Bio.

Claes Post

Master of Pharmacy from Uppsala University, Pharm Dr from Linköping University, Associate Professor in Neuropharmacology and Anesthesiology from Uppsala University, previously Professor (Adjunct) in Neuropharmacology at Uppsala University, Lund University and Karolinska Institutet. Currently he is Guest Professor in Neuropharmacology at Linköping University. After his Pharm Dr, he did a post-doctoral at NIH (NIEHS) in the USA. From 1981 – 1994 he was scientist and Preclinical vice president at Astra Pain Control and Astra Draco. Between 1994 and 1997 Claes was senior vice president for preclinical and clinical CNS drug discovery and development, as well as medical director CNS at Pharmacia, later Pharmacia&Upjohn in Milan and Nerviano, Italy. He has been CEO of several start-up companies in the pharmaceutical fields, for example Melacure Therapeutics (Uppsala), Gastrotech (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Aprea (Stockholm). Claes has also been engaged in university based technology transfer as, as CEO of Karolinska Innovations AB, and senior business development at Linköping University. Currently Claes is Investment manager in the Life Science field at ALMI INVEST AB and serves as member of Boards at several ALMI INVEST Portfolio companies. Academically he has published more than 140 articles in peer review scientific journals.

Sara Mangsbo, Ph.D

Active in the field of immunotherapy for over 10 years, with extensive knowledge of innate as well as adaptive immunity. Sara has extensive experience of pre-clinical models and has worked with immune targeting mAbs as well as immune complexes and Fc receptors for many years. Sara has also held a position at AstraZeneca as Brand Lead in Immuno-oncology. Currently she leads a research group within Uppsala University and is also an active entrepreneur.

Lars Öhman

Business development consultant and entrepreneur. VP Business Development at Karo Bio, 2005-2014. Extensive experience in commercial assessment of drug development opportunites; e.g unmet medical need analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning. Also experienced in defining partnering strategies, identifying potential partners, assessing partnering opportunities and negotiating partnering deals. Has been involved in large numbers of transactions in the US, Europe, Japan and in India.

Karin von Wachenfeldt


Visiting address:

Gustaf V Research Institute Building M1

Karolinska University Hospital

S-171 76 Solna, Sweden

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